Day five Woolworth Window Install

Day five Woolworth Window Install

Here’s how how we’re looking at the end of day five! Slow going, but I think it’s turning out nicely. Come check it out in person, on the corner of 11th and Broadway in downtown Tacoma,  I’ll be there all day tomorrow so stop by and say hi!

Day one of Woolworth Window Install!

The beginning and end of day one on the Woolworth Window install! I hope these pictures give y’all an idea of how huge the space is. A big thanks to the Brown Bear (on the ladder), who helped me all day! I wouldn’t be able to do half the things I do without his love […]

Help me fund my next installation

Hi Guys! All that positive thinking paid off and Spaceworks Tacoma asked me to be the “face” of their new year. They’ve given me the most prominent window on the Woolworth building, it’s on 11th and Broadway in downtown Tacoma, now I just need help covering the cost of materials. I’ve started a kickstater campaign, […]