Anastasia Zielinski (b. 1983 Washington D.C.) is a multidisciplinary artist with a focus in oil painting, mixed-media collage, and installation art.  Bright and bold with an emphasis on texture, her art is a celebration of the natural world and the benefits gained from time spent within it. Anastasia’s multi-layered work is characterized by an abundance of visual information that verges on excess yet seems fitting to the subject. She credits the memory of her mother’s overflowing sewing cabinet for the reoccurring and expansive use of fabric and sewing notions within her work, both as material and inspiration for mark-making. With a BFA from Pratt Institute (2005 Brooklyn, NY) Anastasia’s roots in traditional oil painting has informed how she approaches other mediums. Ms. Zielinski has exhibited her work nationally and internationally as well as created site-specific installations for INSCAPE arts, Shunpike’s Storefront Seattle, and Spaceworks Tacoma. She currently lives and works in Seattle, WA.