Final shot of the Woolworth window install!

DCIM121GOPROHere’s a parting shot from the Woolworth Window install. It took a bit longer then expected, but was worth every minute! Thank you Tacoma for all the love!

xo Anastasia

2 comments on “Final shot of the Woolworth window install!

  1. Great Artworks Project, Anastasia. We were touristing in Tacoma last summer and the arts have really turned the city around since the last time we saw it 20 years ago. Thank you for being part of it. Wish we could see your installation up close, but your blog photos are great!

    Ders, Kathe, Devin, and Leo

    • Thanks Guys and Happy New Years to you! I’ll be uploading some more photos this week so you can get a better idea of the whole piece 🙂

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