Artist Statement

I am a multidisciplinary artist whose primary art forms include installation, mixed-media collage, and painting. My approach revolves around an interest in and the exploration of — light, color, texture, and surface. The examination of these elements, along with a desire to communicate the unique feeling of a place, is the thread that ties my work together.

The foundation of my personal and creative development connects to a childhood spent in the Pacific Northwest. I attribute the repeated motif of nature as both subject matter and inspiration in my work to weekends spent exploring forests, mountains, and beaches with my family. My unrestrained use of bright colors is a testament to the Paul Gauguin and Matisse reproductions that decorated our middle-class home. I credit my mother’s overflowing sewing cabinet, which I still view as a treasure trove of delight, for the reoccurring and expansive use of fabric and sewing notions within my work – both as material and inspiration for mark and pattern.

My current body of work, Pattern in the Forest, is an exploration of place through process. The process begins with an examination of the pattern of color, light and texture within the forests of the Pacific Northwest through the practice of plein-air drawing. These drawings are used as a guide for fiber-based collages which subsequently form a blueprint for larger oil paintings. Each stage builds on the last, becoming increasingly more detailed and ultimately incorporates imagery that does not match reality, yet captures the original sense of place.