Artist Statement

We are increasingly disconnected from the natural world and bombarded with information from a 24hr news cycle, as well as from our devices and apps. Concurrently there has been a slow building mental health crisis within our society and I cannot help but see a correlation between the two.

Time spent in nature is vital to my well-being and my artistic practice. It is a necessary escape from the noise and distraction of our modern world, and it acts as a reset to my body and soul. Hiking through through a forest is an act of moving meditation. I am filled with quite calm and my senses become heightened. The world around me dissolves into patterns of color and light and I am filled with a sense of wonder, creative energy, and a desire to share these positive emotions with my fellow humans.

My practice starts with these meditative walks and is often accompanied by the creation of plein-air drawings. The process of distilling and abstraction occurs from the beginning, my vison simultaneously blurring certain details while elevating others. The act of exploration and extraction does not end in the wilderness but seeps into my studio practice with the creation multi-layered fiber-based collages which in turn inspire the creation of large multi-layered oil paintings. The addition of each layer and mark within a piece is an active search for the perfect amount of information with which to express the spirit of these therapeutic environments. The process results in bright, bold, visually busy compositions that include patterns and textures that may not exist in the original place yet express it thoroughly. My work is a celebration of nature and the benefits gained from it.