Artist Statement

My work explores the physical world and our connection to it.

As someone who struggles with depression, time spent outside is vital to my wellbeing and artistic practice. It is a necessary escape from the noise and distractions of our modern world. Whether walking in a city park or hiking through the wilderness, this moving meditation fills me with quiet calm. My surroundings dissolve into patterns of color and light as I experience a sense of wonder, creative energy, and a desire to share these positive sensations with others.

My practice starts with these meditative walks accompanied by on-site drawings. In the studio, plein-air pieces inform layered oil paintings and collages. The addition of each layer and mark in a piece is an active search for the right amount of information with which to convey the spirit of these therapeutic environments. The result is vibrant, dense, detailed compositions with patterns and textures that may not exist at the source yet express it perfectly.